• • Cabling of HV, MV, LV, VLV, COAX, Data, Fiber OPTIC and Multicore.
    • Cable dressing, Cable testing and Connection to Instrumentation, Switchboards, Equipment, Junction boxes.
    • Assembling of compression fittings and connectors,
    • Installation and designing of cable trays,
    • Grounding of an electrical equipment,
    • Technical maintenance, Repair and Service,
    • Electrical equipment installation,
    • Production of control and distribution panels, wiring
    according the diagrams and installation,
    • Commissioning of the systems,
    • Electronics Solder of parts,
    • E&I (Flow Switches, measuring equipment and etc.)
    • Safety systems (Fire, Smoke, Gas detection),
    • Installation: of Indoor and Outdoor lighting system, Power system,
    • Security system installation (CCTV, alarm and access control systems, etc.)
    • Electric car charging station installation
    • Solar panel installation
    • Other

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