Ventilation system production

Our company provides ship ventilation system production and installation services. Our employed experts professionally take each clients’ request into consideration and executing their works thoroughly for the best result.

Scope of works we could offer:
– Exhaust
– Supply
– Return Air
– Supply Rain Fall

Piping system production and installation

Our company ensures professional piping system production and installation. We work with individual orders and take each of the client’s wishes into account, to provide the services and provide the results of work on highest

Scope of works we could offer with piping system instalation:
– Whirpool line
– Technical water TW
– Fresh water FW
– Grey water GW
– Black water BW
– Scuppers line pipes
– Provision cooling
– Air condition
– Fire water
– Sprinkler line MIST
– Working Air diagram pipe
– Control air
– Air line pipe depend
– Penetration

Insulation works

Our company provides professional piping, partitions, ceiling, wall insulation and tin plating works. The whole working process is supervised and executed by specialists of the highest qualification, having long-term experience in the field of maritime business.

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