Turnkey ship interior installation

Vessel interior installation on newly built or renovated ships is the main area of our business. We have abundant experience of many projects and have earned customer confidence, trust and positive feedback. Our Teams are dedicated to provide a reliable and flexible service. The high quality of the works is ensured by the extensive experience of our skilled and professional managers.

Work safety and environmental protection

We pay particular attention to the safety and health of our employees. For all who contribute to our projects, we create favorable working conditions that ensure a safe environment and do not impair the health of the employees. The environmental issue is also very important to us, thus when implementing projects, we seek to preserve nature, to use its resources intelligently and rationally, thinking not only about the present but also about the future. We organize all works consciously, taking into account the surrounding environment and existing laws.

Our Projects

  • AIDAprima

    PAX, cabin,turnkey interior installation

    Lenght: 300m

    PAX: 3300

    Year: 2015
    Shipyard: Papenburg, Germany
  • MY Victoria

    Galley, crew area interior installation

    L: W: 71 m; 11,4 m.

    PAX: 14

    Year: 2015
    Shipyard: Ysa yachts, Italy
  • Jewel of the Seas

    PAX, cabin turnkey interior installation

    L: W: 293 m; 32,2 m.

    PAX: 2702

    Year: 2016
    Shipyard: The Bahamas
  • Yevgeny Primakov

    HVAC in all areas of scope. AC room

    Year: 2017
    Shipyard: Helsinki, Finland
  • Fedor Ushakov

    HVAC in all areas of scope. AC room

    Year: 2017
    Shipyard: Helsinki, Finland
  • Military vessels

    Cabin refit, full interior installation; Drywall installation

    Year: 2016 - 2018
    Shipyard: Copenhagen Denmark; Amsterdam, NL; Floro, Norway
  • AIDAnova

    PAX, areas, cabin,turnkey interior inst. HVAC installation

    Lenght: 337 m

    PAX: 5252

    Year: 2018
    Shipyard: Papenburg, Germany
  • Costa Smeralda

    Restaurant finishing zone

    L: W: 337 m; 42m.

    PAX: 6554

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: Meyer Turku
  • Celebrity Millenium

    Cabin refit, full interior installation

    L: W: 294 m; 32 m.

    PAX: 2138

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: Singapore
  • Navigator of the Seas

    HVAC installation

    Lenght: 311 m.

    PAX: 3386 – 4000

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: Freeport, The Bahamas
  • Celebrity Flora

    Turnkey interior installation

    L: W: 101 m; 17 m.

    PAX: 100

    Year: 2018 – 2019
    Shipyard: De Hoop, Rotterdam, NL
  • Voyager of the Seas

    Spa refit to 22 cabins

    L: W: 311.1 m; 38.6 m.

    PAX: 3138

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: Singapore
  • MY Serene

    Woodwork, anchor room, owner cabins, crew areas

    L: W: 134 m; 18,6 m

    PAX: 24

    Year: 2018 - 2019
    Shipyard: Vlissingen, Den Haag, NL

    Turnkey interior installation

    L: W: 299 m. 50 m.


    Year: 2018 - 2019
    Shipyard: Arctech, Helsinki
  • Carnival Mardi Gras

    HVAC/PIPING installation

    L: W: 344 m; 42 m

    PAX: 5200

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: Meyer Turku
  • Crystal Endeavor

    HVAC/PIPING installation

    L: W: 183 m, 25 m.

    PAX: 200

    Year: 2019
    Shipyard: MV Werften